Symptoms Checklist

  • Do you have any chest pain, localized or diffuse?
  • Do you have any numbness or tingling down your arms and/or into your hands?
  • Are you fatigued easily?
  • Do you have difficulty breathing?
  • Do you have a heaviness in your chest when lying down? (as if someone or something is sitting on your chest)
  • Do you have a tightness in the chest when increasing activities?
  • Do you have a persistent headache or pressure behind your eyes?
  • Do you have any digestive issues, including an upset stomach?
  • Do you get dizzy easily, especially upon arising?
  • Do you have a general feeling of exhaustion and do you tire easily?
  • General uneasiness and anxiety that there is something going on with your health?
  • Are you suddenly experiencing unexplained heartburn symptoms, even when drinking water?
  • Are you experiencing angina pains, pinching feeling, or twinges of pain in the chest and heart area when you are lying down or cross your legs? Are you having a lot of chest pain when you try to raise your hands over your head or lean over to touch your feet?

These are all serious warning signs of the Coxsackie B virus and you need to seek medical attention immediately.